6 tools for managing your workload on the move

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6 tools for managing your workload on the move

Whether you’re a fast-growing company or fast-moving freelancer, being able to access your documents, workflow and important software from anywhere is essential.

Our research shows that half of business people across the world now spend 2.5 days a week outside their company’s main office, meaning storing files on your in-house server is no longer so effective.

Here are six tools we’ve put together to help people on the move to manage their business (and save time).

Google Drive

It’s so well-known that it’s easy to overlook Google Drive’s value. You can produce, store and collaborate on documents in Word, Excel and Powerpoint, plus you’re automatically connected to your Google and Gmail accounts for easy sharing. Extra features – including unlimited online storage and audits to track activity – are available from £6.60/month.


Or you could try Asana. It’s a more active, task-led project management solution that easily combines with the likes of Google Drive, Slack and even Box. It offers a free version alongside Premium plans starting at $8.33/month per member.


Project management software Basecamp lets you group together your communication, documents and work by client or project. You can sub-divide assets according to tasks like marketing or customer service, and make sure employees and collaborators know where they stand on each project. Basecamp offers free trials, then costs $99/month for unlimited users.


Wave is a free service that allows you to track income, log expenses, send invoices and even pay employees from anywhere with internet access. In short, it’s an excellent way to ensure your accounts are never neglected.


Nutshell is CRM (customer relationship management) software designed specifically for small businesses. For as little as $20/month, it’ll organise your customer contacts, lead pipeline, sales forecasts and store valuable information about your customers. With software like this, focusing on one project doesn’t mean neglecting other opportunities.


Like Google Drive but specifically designed for business use, Box allows you to create, share and edit files from a single secure space. Added functionality includes app developer toolkits, content management and the ability to integrate other apps like Slack, Google Apps and Office365. Pricing starts at £3.50/month.