Why co‑working is set to transform how we work

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Why co‑working is set to transform how we work

The gig economy is on the rise. Increasingly, companies are looking to contract self-employed workers, while workers themselves are looking for a more flexible set-up. Pay matters to employees, but not as much as a decent work-life balance.

What does a flexible working set-up look like? Working from home used to be the only answer. While it’s still part of the solution, home workers are increasingly confronted by challenges. These range from finding a professional environment for meeting clients, to taking on their first employee.

We need to find another way to work – one that’s equally flexible, but still meets the business needs of individuals.

So where – and how – should we be working?

In ‘Co-working: the new normal’ we explore this question using data taken from our survey of thousands of businesses across the world. Take a look at our infographic to see the key facts or download our full report here.

Download the report in full here.